Distributed PNG Optimizer
What is dispop?

Dispop is an attempt to create a distributed system that makes PNG image files smaller in file size, without losing quality, using software you can already run on your local machine. The difference here, is that you don't have you use your own resources.

Once you upload a PNG file, it will be sent to one of many servers which will attempt to optimize it. Every file will get a single pass optimization and if the servers run out of work, they will start to run multiple passes over the images, trying to squeeze out a few more bytes. You can download your images after they have been processed or share them with someone for up to 15 days after the final optimization has taken place.

Due to lack of interest in the project, I've shut down the processing clients. I've thought about pairing the API with a spider to passively crawl pages and shrink the files sizes of PNG images, but I'm probably not going to restore the user interface.